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In 2006 you gave this answer to a question: Using2003, is there any way to create a simple text box with a scrollbar (up/down)? Text will be entered into the box and I don't want to have to click inside the box use my arrow keys to scroll; I need a scroll bar. I know there's a scroll bar control from the Drawing toolbar but how do you link that to the text box? I also tried playing with the controls from the Control toolbar, but can't figure out how there either. Al Answer - Use a textbox from the control toolbox toolbar.

In the properties for the textbox set multiline property to True set wraptext property to true set scollbars property to 2-fmScrollBarsVertical

Then when you enter enough text to need to scroll, the scrollbar will appear on the right hand side.

I have the same question only how do you accomplish this with 2007? This question has been all around the office. I hope you can help!



in Excel 2007, the controls are on the developer tab. If you don't have it visible, you need to go to the office button and in the lower right side, is a button on the edge calledOptions. click on that and in the first choice Popular the third item is to display the developer tab in the ribbon.

Once is is display, select the develop tab and go to controls. In the control dropdown, the top controls are from the old Forms Toolbar and the second set call ActiveX controls are the ones from the Old Control Toolbox Toolbar. So once you select a textbox from the ActiveX controls, then the instructions above are fine.

Followup if that doesn't answer the question.


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