Sebring won't start, wipers going and lights on

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I have a 2007 Chrysler Sebring Touring. Engine is V6. I went to go to work this morning and it wouldn't start. Just making a clicking noise. But the windows work, although when I rolled them up, I had to hold the switch the whole time instead of just pulling it once for the whole window to go automatically. The windshield wipers also came on, even though they were switched off. The interior lights came on.

The dashboard lights have been flickering lately but went out last night. The car ran fine though.

I look forward to your insight!


Hi John, It appears to me that the voltage on the system is low due to a discharged or worn out battery, or you might have some sort of short circuit that is draining the battery when it is parked. The items that work require much less current than to turn over the starter motor/engine so that is why they work, though not in the normal mode. I would try charging up the battery, and if you have a volt-ohmmeter check to see how much current is going through the battery when everything is shut down. It should be about 25 milliapms measured by removing the - post clamp and connecting the amp meter probes between the clamp and the battery post. The clicking sound is exactly what one would expect when the battery is discharged significantly or weak. Roland


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