Selecting all sheets and then making them visible.

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Hi i was wondering if you could help me its been like banging my head against a wall. I have a work book with multiple sheets within it. Some sheets are hidden we they are not in use. So i wanted to use macro that selects all sheets and then makes them visible. I have been using the code:

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()


   Sheets(2).Visible = True
   Sheets(3).Visible = True
   Sheets(4).Visible = True
   Sheets(5).Visible = True



End Sub

Now this works fine for a small workbook but when i have a 500 sheets or so its a lot of code to type. 

Regards The Dude


Hey Dude

Sorry, although I write some macros, I am not a macro expert. I suggest that you reask the question of another allexperts person. Check the resumes and I am sure you can find someone who can give you a good answer.

Richard Florida USA


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