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QUESTION: Hi Roland:

We chatted a while ago and you were a great help in finding the sensor wires in my 1999 Chrysler town and country with the 3.8L engine.

My question has to do with the adjustments of the Sensors to increase the MPG by the EFFIE I installed with my HHO system.

I am able to read the meter and can turn the sensors from 0 to over 500 in the front one and the rear from 0-200 with no the instructions they mention that some cars will start to run very rough if leaned out too much and others have a minimum setting from factory so they cannot be leaned out too much...DO YOU KNOW WHAT MY CAR WOULD BE? Also I am only getting about 21.5 MPG on a 6 mile loop that I am doing to adjust the sensors but would like to know how many miles or minutes it takes the computer to adjust and FULLY utilize the new data from the adjustments I am making every 6 mile loops.

Obviously if it takes 40 miles before it incorporates that info into it's equation I am wasting my time doing it every 6 miles althought I did notice that I could get the mileage up each time by .5-1.2 MPG up to the 21.5 top end...which seems very small gain really but maybe I am doing something wrong or expecting too much.

Knowing how long it takes to incorporate the changed info or if there is a way to expedite this by undoing the ground cable from battery for 15-20 minutes would be very helpful.

Thanks again for your help, I feel I am close but need to know this items to really be able to fine tune for mileage!


ANSWER: Hi Federico, First I am not clear as to what type of sensor you are describing and also what do you mean by front and rear? Also, what is the unit of measurement (ohms?). I an not clear as to how each signal wire circuit is incorporated in the "effie" unit circuit nor exactly what you are adjusting about the sensors themselves. I would wonder if you aren't rather taking a given signal from each sensor and then either optimizing mpg performance, or are you seeking some specific reading value that is suggested to you. I have no experience with the water injection system. Roland

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: The EFFIE just adds the current to the front and rear oxygen sensor so that the engine reads it as more or less lean and does not dump extra fuel when/if it senses that the amount of unburned fuel in the exhaust is too lean due to the better burn of the Hydrogen. My main question is how long does it take for the computer to adjust itself ( 1 mile, 40 miles ect) to the new environment of the leaner or richer settings that I am inducing by the adjustments in the EFFIE.

Also how much improvement does changing hte sensors make on the MPG of a van without taking into consideration any other things like HHO or Volo chips. I see they suggest changing them every 40-70 thousand that right and what kind of MPG improvement have you seen when that is done?

Thanks Ronald


I am not knowledgeable about either of your questions, unfortunately. But I would believe that the computer is 'looking' for the readings to be within a certain range for acceptance, and if it sees readings outside that range for calling it a fault. I would also believe that it adjusts the fuel pulse-width rather quickly to optomize that fuel economy, certainly within a mile would be my guess. I don't have any idea about how much mpg difference it can make based upon the condition of the sensors. These are fairly technical questions which I just don't have reference materials about.


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