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We moved into a brand new home in March of last year - less than a year ago. There is a 1,500 gallon septic tank, and only my wife and I in the home. When we had a real fast winter thaw just after this past Christmas, a lot of snow melted in a very short time - pretty much overnight. From then on, we have had gray water sitting above the septic tank -- I can send a photo or two if you want to see it/there's a way to send it. It's Feb. 14 now, and there's still gray water above the tank --- does this necessarily indicate a problem? Our builder, who has messed up a LOT of things on this house, says when the ground is so saturated, there's gonna be some gray water. It just doesn't seem right to my wife and me. The system is NOT a raised bed system. Apparently, the soil passed the permeability test, but at the same time - the inspector passed the drainage for the lot, yet we had exactly 3 feet of water in our bsmt. when the thaw occurred -- and the soil is largely composed of clay. I'd really appreciate your thoughts on the situation.

~ Frank Saia


Clay soil is a bummer. I am amazed that they got a valid perc test. Maybe it was a "wink' wink" sign off and someone got a nice bonus that week. LOL

Around here, the builder is on the hook for at least the first year for defects. Make sure you get the problem documented with them before the time runs out. It may not help but at least you are "on record" with the problem. I would also get a septic specialist in to see the problem and give feedback, "on the record" as well. Get your ducks in a row for a fight if it comes to that. It might if this is a shady builder.

No, I don't think continual standing gray water is okay.

As for the basement, they are supposed to be waterproofed at time of construction and have drainage system to prevent flooding. Sounds like that little detail got missed too. This guy's a real gem! He may soon find that he is out of business from law suits. Get in line soon. Contact his insurance carrier and file for everything. Document, document, document everything. Get experts, involve the others in the neighborhood who have experienced the same problems. Strength in numbers. Too easy to stonewall a single complainer till the warranty runs out. Gotta deal with a "linch mob!"

There is no excuse for crappy builders in my book. If you can't do it right,or make it right, get out of the business.


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