Seth thomas mantle clock motor

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My wife inherited a Seth Thomas mantle clock from her Grandmother. It is electric and the motor no longer turns, just hums. I cannot find any numbers on the clock or the motor. The only thing on the clock work is the ST made in USA stamp and a very fine 11-31 stamp. The only thing on the motor is a 115v 50-60 cycle stamp. The case has a small plaque mounted on the rear door with patent pending. Below that is a paper sticker that has the date hand written 3/27/63. I suspect that this is the last time the clock was looked at because the power cord is a 60s vintage plastic. Is a replacement motor available for this clock and where might I find one.

Thank you


None of the motors that Seth Thomas used in these clocks are available anymore. You could replace the entire movement with a battery movement or an electric one. Here is a list to the webpages that we sell them on. Electric: You will need to get new hands if you replace the movement. I can help you match them.


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