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Question I have a clock(battery operated), that has settings on the back of the japanese movement for: On/off/auto, Start/set, H(2 buttons)& M(2 buttons), I assume these are for hour and minute respectively, volume wheel, test button & a wheel for adjusting the hands. How do I set the time and chimes to strike the hour correctly?


Steven, I don't get into dealing with these programmable clocks too much. Most that I get in have to be replaced and I do not know how to program them. There are many different models made by various companies. I remember seeing some customer feedback about these clocks and am going to copy you on them. I do not know whether it will work or not, but you can decide if you want to try:

Re: the electronic Westminster chime Linden clock, it looks like my clock is working - chiming on the 15s and then chiming and 'gonging' on the hour - the right number of times!! :) What I did was for the time 10:05, I put the Start/set button on "set" and pushed the left H button one time for 1, I did nothing to the right H button for zero, did nothing to the left M button for zero and pushed the right M button 5 times for the 5. -- to make 1 0 0 5 for 10:05. I then put the Start/set button to "start" and put the On/off/auto button to auto and away it went.

Wait until 12 AM or PM. Put the clock in "set" mode. Remove the battery and reinstall it. Put the clock in "run" mode. The clock should chime the entire chime and have 12 rings. I believe the hour buttons are plus and minus, as are the minute buttons. If the chime or rings are incorrect, you can use "set" mode, add or minus minutes or hours, then reenter "run" mode. Good luck,

I hope this helps a little.


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