Setting up and synchronizing a smiths westminster chime

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Last Updated: Mar 11, 2014 07:40 PM GMT


I have recently acquired a Smiths Westminster chime clock circa late 1950's. I have managed to get it going but the chimes are out of synch with the time and go off at 1 minute past the quarter, half, etc. Is it possible for me to set the time and chimes in synch and how can I correct the 1 minute layeness in chiming?


To synchronize the time to strike you will need to remove the minute hand from the clock. Turn it over in your hand and you will see that the square hole that fits onto the minute hand shaft is in the form of a friction fit bushing. Insert the tank of a small file into the bushing hole and give it a slight turn, sufficient to span minute when the hand is returned to its shaft. It is best to do this with the clock stopped, then start and adjust to correct time.


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