Sick weimaraner

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I just picked up my dog from the vets a few hours ago. She has been hospitalized since Monday. Shes a 3 year old weimaraner who has been sufferibg from fevers up to 105 degrees, My vet has no answers for me. They had her on fluids and a pain reliever bc it seems like she was having back pains. Now shes just on 1 baytril/ day. Also she keps waking up panting. I dont think shes having problems breathing bc her guns are pink.... but its scaring me. anything that would help would be great. thank you Katie Tigue


Dogs pant when they are in pain. If your vet cannot find an answer then it's time for a second opinion. No dog should be left in pain and then just blown off because he can't find the problem. I find that highly unacceptable and so should you. A three year old dog, barring injuries, shouldn't be exhibiting back pain unless there is something going on in the spine or she was hit by a car, etc. A series of x-rays should have been taken at the least. Please call another vet asap.


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