Sligh trend granfather clock parts and repair

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recently i picked up a sligh clock from a friend the part that holds the pendulum rod is broken do you consider this a typical repair that i can do or do i need a pro the model # is0917-1-tu movement3 109-el thanks for any info also i dont know where i could locate tht specific part thanks again


Chris, I do not have cross-reference numbers of the movements to the case numbers. I will need a model number of the movement. Let me know all the information you can find on the back of the movement and I should be able to identify it. Also I'm not sure which part you are talking about. Is it the top hook of the pendulum or one of the parts it hangs from. There is a suspension post at the top back of the movement. In the vertical slot is the suspension spring. The hanger or leader is attached to the suspension spring and the pendulum hangs from it. Let me know which it is. If you have trouble identifying it, can you send me a clear photo of the assembly or broken part? Then I can give you details of where to get one.


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