Speedometer light bulb replacement

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QUESTION: What is the easiest way to change a light bulb for the speedometer (a dash light)

ANSWER: Hello,

Well, you did not give me year make and model, but this is not something a novice should do. When you say easiest, the question is easy for me or easy for you?

The speedometer cluster must be removed for access. Some have bulbs, some have l.e.ds, and some have fiber optics surrounding them. All these days are controlled with printed circuits.

The problem may be as simple as a bulb, but what if the bulb is good? That might be a printed circuit problem.

I would suggest taking the car to a local service center (not a dealer) and see how much a diagnoses would cost. Possibly, once they remove the cluster, they will find the problem immediately for you.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I'm sorry about the lack of information. It's a 1994 Cadillac Eldorado. Thanks again for your time.



Thank you so much for your rating, but I want you and everyone to know, i never talk down to anyone.

My purpose is to help anyone I can. I volunteer on this site to offer my knowledge and if something is simple, I will tell them. If more difficult, I tell them that too. I have no agenda. I am not selling anything.

In your case, as I said, there are too many things that can go wrong in trying to change a dash bulb in the cluster. Heck, when removing this snap on plastic, I hold my breath and close my eyes-lol After time, the older the plastic gets the more brittle as well. The clip ends sometimes break, the outer bezels snap. In a situation such as this, its better if someone from a garage does this work, because if they break it without warning up front, they bought it.

Again, Thanks again, it's wonderful when people appreciate my answers.

Good luck



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