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How do I increase the length of the cells on a spreadsheet for Microsoft Office2007

I thank you for your reply and assistance.



If you mean the width of cells, look under

Home tab then cells section then format then column width.

Or you can drag the line between columns in the column header row either way. Of you can double click on that line to automatically adjust for the column.


I am an engineer and I usefor pricing jobs. I always start my pricing off with a labour rates sheet, as jobs can be in different parts of the UK, living costs and transport always vary. The labour sheets then link with about 4 values to the pricing spreadsheets, where labour, materials and plant costs are all added in. Sometimes I add additional linked cells for materials and painting costs. Once a pricing sheet is finished for a part of the job I link this and any others to a summary sheet. So building a contract total price. The links are very helpful for last minute changes before submitting my tenders. Lately my computer is slowing up drastically when I save, it can take up to 3 minutes for a save. Also when I copy and paste blocks of cells it can take 5 minutes for a block of 30 rows x 21 columns to be inserted in a spreadsheet. I do tend to use colours for headers and cells for quickly identifying job total. When working on a tender I try to keep open sheets to a minimum. Could you please offer some advice on how to overcome this problem. William


many things could be happening. But not sure which one is happening to you on this case

I dont think links and references between cells would be the cause. Right now I am working on a 75 tabs workbook, all of them linked up and with circular reference working through iteration and everything is flowin through smoothly.

I believe you will be better of visiting the following link http://www.ozgrid.com/Excel/ExcelSpreadsheetDesign.htm


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