Starter wiring problems: '96 cirrus

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Hi. I have a 96 chrysler cirrus with starting issues. I just put a battery in and I'm getting power . Wen I try to start it it just clicks. One click. It doesn't do the repeating click like it does wen the terminals srent fully connected. I looked at the starter which was replaced sometime late last year. Not exactly sure when. And if I remember rt there is supposed to be 3 wires connected to it. Rt? Battery. + battery - and ignition ? The last starter I replaced was like that but that was in 2008. Same car and model but I've forgotten since then. The car was given to me after ib rolled mine sept of last year. Had the same car just differnt color. Its been sitting for couple months and now my wife is pregnant so I need to get it running. I do mobile audio instgallations so I'm pretty good with electrical on cars. I don't know the wiring sequence for the starter. I would really appreciate any info u can relate to me so I can get the car running. Also might need to run new wiring if it does in fact need the third connection. Thanks.


Hi Josh, I assume the 'click' that you hear is a loud click (not a starter motor relay soft click, located in the power box) and that is coming from the starter motor itself at the solenoid switch proper which is part of the starter motor. I also assume this is the 2.5L V-6 engine. If that is correct, then the starter motor should spin IF: the fat red wire from the battery + post to the starter motor is solid and cleanly connected at both ends, the black ground wire located near the rear of the transmission is connected at both ends, the battery is capable of putting out its rated current, that the solenoid switch in the stater motor is actually making electrical connection inside the motor (not just making the loud click, but which you can't verify), and that the brushes/armature of the starter motor are functioning properly. So once you have checked the wiring and the battery to be good, you are then left with the conclusion that the starter motor or its solenoid switch itself is faulty. Let me know if my assumption is wrong or something else unusual is observed. There is no 'third wire' at the starter motor. Rather the case of the starter is grounded to the engine/transmission and the return path to the - post of the battery is via the black wire on the rear of the transmission (thus the 'third wire'). Please "rate" my answer (see below). Thanks, Roland


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