Sternreiter zaandam clock

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I have 35 years old clock, it is Sternreiter guess zaandam, it has 2 weights, one is biger then the other; it was working fine for many years, unfortunately our helper was removing dust and the chain taking the 2 weights was broken and one of the weight fell down, and the chain went out of the inside wheel. is there any manual or concept how the chain should be mounted inside the 2 wheels of the clock ? appreciate your help


probably the links in the chain are stretched is some spots alowing the chain to come apart, rather than break.

examine the chains

as you know the chain sprocket wheel in the bottom of the clock mechanism allows the chain to move only one way. moves one way to allow the weight to be raised but not the other way.

remove with pliers any hooks or rings on or in the links from one end of the chain you want to put back on.

Remove the other weight and the pendulum and take the clock off the wall.

determine which direction you can move the sprocket wheel by using a thin screwdriver up through the chain holes in the bottom of the case

while upside down- feed the chain end down through the hole and 1/3 away around the sprocket, so it catches a few sprocket teeth -- then using the screwdriver, advance the chain around by moving the sprocket and at the same time turning the clock upright again so gravity assists the chain staying on the sprocket rather than the lead end dropping into the other gears in the clock mechanism.

replace the hooks and rings on the proper end of the chain when done


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