Strike clock out of time with amount of strikes per hour

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Hi John

      I have recently purchased a mantle clock strike clock with two arbors, to help clarify the clocks function it strikes out the hour on the hour & once on the half hour and has made in Germany stamped into the mecanism back plate & made in Germany is also printed on the clock face in fine print.

The problem i have with this clock is when the clock strikes on the hour it strikes out two (2) hours ahead of time or twou2buo (2) additional strikes per hour. I hope you might be able to help me.

Regards: Greg


Hi, Greg. At some time the hour hand was probably inadvertently slipped around while setting the time with the minute hand. To correct this, turn the minute hand until the clock strikes the hour. Count the number of strikes. Slip the hour hand to that hour. Then, using the minute hand, set the clock to the correct time. Also, on most clocks, the winding arbor on the right side is for the time and the one on the left is for the strike. This should do it.


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