Subtracting multiple cells

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Example Expenses February 2010

I am starting with a spending balance (B1) and will subtract the total spent on the first day (A2) and the result will be the new balance (B2). From this, I will subtract day 2 total expenditure (A3), resulting in the latest balance (B3), so on and so forth. How do I write the formula that will carry on to the entire column B? I tried =B1-A2 in cell B2, then dragged it down several cells. The autofill options were 'copy, fill with format, or fill w/o format'. I tried all 3 and they either filled the B cells with the same total or was blank. I am using2003. I compare it to checkbook balancing - credits & debits... I make a deposit, spend some on gas & groceries, etc., until the next deposit. Can you help, please?


The starting formula is right, and the option that you can select is Copy cells. The values are the same as there are no other entries on the expenses column, but the formulas should have changed their references to the appropriate cells (=B2-A3 on row 3, =B3-A4 on row 4 and so on). This way the formulas will react to changes on the expense column and update the values when they happen.


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