Sum after last row and delay

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I am trying to find out the following:

1. How do I find the last row of a set of data and add another row after that row, with the sum of the values from above rows. The number of rows change every week. 2. I am also trying to find out the difference between projected and actual tasks. The 'projected' sheet contains some tasks and the 'actual' sheet contains actual data for these tasks. I am trying to find out whether these tasks have been completed as per plan or was there a delay or were some of these tasks completed ahead of plan?


I would TEND to use the FIRST row to do this sort of sum as it's a lot easier, but a macro could do it for you, as could a pivot table, as could ctrl End to find the last row - the autosum is easy enough from the toolbar.

The second bit sounds like a vlookup to get the date, with an IF statement to help with the comparision - if the value returned is later than the expected value then it's late, if it's earlier, then completed sooner etc - hope this helps but let me know if I can help further - my email if it helps is


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