Sut build up

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I have a wood burning cast iron heating stove, that is down in my basement and I have to clean this every month, due to suet build up in the flu and the stove pipes. I burn seasoned wood and i do not use a lot fire starters. I'm very confused about this doing this I thought a person only had to clean this yearly. I've had it professionally cleaned and checked last year and it was ok, but when i cleaned it the first time this year it was almost completed stopped up.


make sure your fires are hot enough cooler fires will build up soot and creosote faster than a hotter fire usually in basement the stove will make the living space very hot quickly so people tune the heat down to accommodate, unfortunately your going to keep the fire hotter if you want to keep the pipes a little cleaner. make sure you have a stove thermostat to let you know what temp. your stoves burning at


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