Swapped out engine won't start

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QUESTION: Pulled 2001 chrysler sebring 2.7 motor out, replaced with 2003 motor. changed wiring harness, cam sensor, crank sensor, coils, flywheel, still car won't start & it was running in car it was pulled from.

ANSWER: Hi Gino, Thinking about basics: Did you re-attach the fat grounding wire to the transmission? Do you have spark when cranking it over? Do you hear the fuel pump run when you turn the key to the 'run' position and which lasts for about a second? Have you checked for fault codes using a plug-in code reader? I have the '04 wiring diagrams on cd, and the '03 on paper, but I don't have the '01 to compare with. Do you have the '01? Might there be a difference in the wiring assigments between '01 car and '03 engine? Can you get the pcm from the '03 donor vehicle? I can send the '04 wiring diagrams for the fuel/ignition system (assuminb they are the same as '03) attached to an email. Let me know if you want those, and if so tell me your email address in PRIVATE followup question, listing that in the text section of the question. Let me know if any of these suggestions prove helpful. Please 'rate' my answer (see below). Thanks, Roland

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QUESTION: car won't even start w starting fluid, getting spark, tried coxe reader,fuel pump working, will look into the fat grounding wire thing, send wire diagrams if you can for what you have. Will fuel injectors be different from 01-03? Could pcm not recognize it?

ANSWER: Hi Gino, I don't believe the fuel injectors would be electrically different. If you brought over the engine wiring from the '03 and installed it in the '01, and if the plugs to the pcm were identical then it should work. You might try comparing the color coding of all the wires on the former '01 plugs that connect to the pcm with the wiring on the plugs for the '03. If identical then that would prove that the wiring should be interchangeable and not be the cause of the problem.

Any chance a vacuum hose was left disconnected to the intake manifold? 

The grounding wire is a #6 gauge black wire that goes from the transmission housing to the left strut tower; if you didn't reconnect that it might cause the 'no start'. I can't sent the wiring diagram until I know youre email address. Allexperts doesn't share that with me, so you have to tell me it as part of a private new question to me if you want them. But if you don't have the '01 diagrams to compare to these won't be helpful. What about the pcm? Is the old one still in the vehicle or did you change it out for the '03?


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QUESTION: Its not the vacuum hose, same wiring, black wkre was never disconnected, so it is still connected. The pcm & the wiring harness are from the orig. 01. Just motor 03. Really at a loss here . . thanks for your help.


What about the powertrain control module? Any chance you can get that from the '03 car? There may be some difference in the various components between '01 and '03 which would impact the functioning of the engine if it didn't have a matching pcm. For example, the '03 doesn't have an egr valve, but maybe the '01 did? I know the '99 did, but don't have the '01 manual as I told you earlier. Of the components of the fuel system may have changed so the calibration of how they work during start up may be different. Please 'rate' my answer. Thanks, Roland


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