Sychronizing korean made clock

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I have a Korean key wind 31 day, pendulum, regulator style clock that strikes 6 times at twelve o'clock and 12 times at six o'clock....and it follows this pattern around the dial for each hour, striking 9 times at three o'clock, 3 times at 9 o'clock, etc. In other words: striking the number of times opposite of which way the hour hand is pointing. It strikes correctly (just once) on the half hour. It is not a chiming clock. It keeps time very accurately. I bought it on an estate sale, so am not aware of the history of it.

Can I correct this myself at home, or will I have to take it in for repair?

Many Thanks for your help!......Larry


Larry, run the minute hand around until the clock is at the top of an hour and it strikes. Let's say you set it for 3 o'clock and it strikes 9 times. Stop the pendulum and carefully remove the minute hand nut and the minute hand. Then remove the hour hand (it might also have a nut that will have to be removed). The hour hand is keyed so it goes on in two (opposite) directions. Reinstall the hour hand so it points to the 9. If there was a hour hand nut, install it and then reinstall the minute hand at the 12 and and secure it with the minute hand nut. Use the minute hand to reset the time and you should have it to the correct time. Evidently the hour hand had previously been removed and installed in the incorrect position If you have any problems or questions, get back with me.


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