Tempus fugit mantel clock

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I purchased a Tempus Fugit oak mantle quartz clock (used) and its a beautiful clock but I dont know if Tempus Fugit is the maker or what? There is a phone number on the back for repairs but its to a company called Soskin and Gordin International. I tried to call them but you need to leave a message. I have searched the Internet but I cant find the clock I have. Do you have any suggestions?


Kim, "Tempus Fugit" is just a phrase which in Latin means "Time Flies". It is commonly found on clocks. There are clocks that have specially built quartz movements that are discontinued after a certain number are sold, due to demand or styling. Many manufacturers only have the components assembled and have no long range information on them. However, if it is a mantel clock you might be in luck. If you will send a couple of clear photos to my shop email address below, one of the front of the clock, and one of the back of the movement, I might be able to help you find a replacement movement. Normally clock shops will not work on quartz movements because the labor quickly surpasses the cost of a replacement movement and repairs are usually not reliable.

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