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Hello my is Rico Brantley and i own a 1996 Cadillac sedan deville I am electronics technician and I need the schematics for the mentioned above car so i can see blend door actuator is located thank you...... also can you help me with cleaning the throttle box because my car is shaking when idle and driving .. already changed all four coil packs, spark plugs and wires and the fuel filter which after 3wks still smelling a strong gas odor



I do not have schematics or any diagnostic information for a car that old. Buying manuals will cost you hundreds if you can even find them.

When I need such information, I got to

The information is not free and they do charge $30, but you get all the factory repair manuals you can download for a year for your exact year make and model. Had you done this you would not have had to change all the stuff you did and could have found your problem right away.

As for your fuel smell, the fuel pump runs whenever the ignition is on. Turn the ignition on and look for the obvious leak! Could be coming from the fuel filter you installed. If you are smelling a strong odor of gasoline, you should see the problem when you turn on the ignition. Check the filter first and then the engine area for somewhere you might have bumped working under the hood.

These engines had plastic fuel delivery lines that became brittle over time and easy to accidently fracture. In fact, these lines were known to cause fires spraying puddling gasoline on the exhaust manifold. This was a very common problem. The plastic fuel line I am referring to is on the driver's side at the throttle body. The question would be; did you have that fuel smell before you worked on the car?


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