Timing belt broke, '03 3.5l: valve damage?

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QUESTION: i asked u about my tranny once and u helped a lot now my timing belt broke as driving it. replaced it with all timing marks where they said should be it turns over but doesnt make a sound of wanting to start is timing off or valves bent, sensors, ?.

ANSWER: Hi John, Have you checked for whether there is spark at one of the spark plugs? That would tell you if the sensors or electricals are o.k. Do you hear the fuel pump run for a second or so when you turn the key to the run position? You didn't say the year/make/engine/model so I can't answer about valve damage as the result of the belt breaking. So tell me more info and perhaps I can give you some direction. Please 'rate' my answer (see below). Thanks, Roland

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QUESTION: no havent checked for fire at plugs fuel pump was first thing i listened for when it broke. it comes on thats why i went to the timing belt. it is an 03 concorde lxi 3.5 heard that if a 3.5 breaks a timing belt valves bend.

ANSWER: Hi John, You are correct that there is the possibility of valve interference with the pistons when the timing belt breaks. I would suggest that you do a compression test on all cylinders to see what it shows to be the situation with the valves. Roland

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QUESTION: i have spark at plugs did the old put rag in hole test for compression and it blew the rag out. how do i test to see if the pump is sending fuel. or do i check for something else.


If you hear the pump run at first and you have spark then you probably do have fuel when cranking it over, but have a helper listen while cranking. I think you would want to use a compression tester as it could very well blow a rag out but not have 100 psi.


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