Tochigi tokei mechanism replacement

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I have a 25 yr old Tochigi Tokei battery-operated clock mechanism from a very big, flat wall clock. The second hand no longer functions on the clock and I'd like to replace the mechanism.

The back of it says: Tochigi Tokei Co, Ltd, No (0) Jewels Unadjusted There is a number in the battery case: 43503 6061U. It also says Quartz.

Do you know if I can get a replacement, or something comparable, that is properly sized to allow the hour and minute hands to snap on? We'd really like to keep this wall clock!


I don't have any reference material on Tochigi although I have worked on them before. The quartz movements we sell don't use press on hands, the hour hand presses on and the minute hand is held on with a small nut.

Please have a look at our page of quartz movements:

If your hands are both press on you will need to replace the hands. Here is a link to hands that fir our movements:


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