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QUESTION: I have a Vincenti clock movement which I have cleaned and adjusted.Its beat seems good and it tics away striking half and hourly on its bell.Untill it approaches 10 to one and only ten to one it comes to a halt.I then move the minute hand manually to the hour it strikes then on to the half hour letting it strike and on to two oclock then it carrys on as norm.I have checked the winding springs they are not wound tight nor are they weak.Have you any idea please on what could be the problem.With regard Albert It is a Vincenti medallia d'argent movment

ANSWER: I suspect your problem is either a speck of dirt or something bent, perhaps a tooth or lift lever. Examine your carefully for this contingency. ---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I thankyou for your last reply and everything is now going fine.I wonder if I may be able to ask you one more question.I have a green onyx french clock which I cannot find the has an A in a circle topped with a crown.then W.B.K & fils Paris with the number 6329 are you able tell me what w.b.k stands for are you able to respond to this through this email.With regard Albert

ANSWER: I have gone through my clock and watch trademark index and have found no reference to W.B.K & fils (sons). There is a lurking suspicion in my mind that this refers to a seller rather than a manufacturer. I will ponder this a bit more. Should my grey cells respond I will get back to you, ---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I thankyou for your time I am wondering did you see the circle with the A with the crown to the top I am unable to find this.Oh in case you may be wondering I have collected clocks since 1966 when I got married it started buying something nice for the home and became a bit of a permanent hobby.I have learnt a few useful things with regard to clocks but in the main the clocks I have collected are old but nothing which is worth thousands Now I have retired I do have more time but this has stumped me I thankyou once agian for your time and trouble With regard Albert


No, I did not run across anything linkable to the data you provided. I still suspect it is a sellers mark. It is possible that the makers mark is on the front plate. Maybe if you could send me a digital picture of the marks you have found I might be able to find something, at least similar, in one of my trademark books. I did run across a W. B. %26 fils, but it was from Germany and did not have any bench marks you noted, such as the A and crown.


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