Trainsmission problems: '95 cirrus

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95 cirrus was tested and readout said trainsmission was bad so now we have replaced the transmission with 3 diff one and it still in lump mode dont know what to do out of money and still no car hope you can help thanks alot


Hi Freddie, What was the fault code number, specifically, of the transmission memory that said transmission was 'bad'? It could be the transmission controller or wiring from the transmission to the controller, but the best way to find out why is to get a fault code number using a readout device that can access the controller memory. The shop that told it was bad should have told you the number so go back and ask specifically for the number. If you can't get the number from them, go to an independent shop or Chrysler dealer who can do that, accessing via the socket that is under the dash near the steering column and is blue in color. That year was the first year of that car so you need to go to an independenr shop that has the proper test tool (OBD-I system) and plug to get the fault code. Once you have the two-digit transmission fault code ask what it means, then do a follow up question to let me know and we'll compare what you learned to the shop manual that I have. I have the wiring diagram and can copy that and postal mail it to you if that appears to be the cause of the problem. But the number is the key to dealing with this situation. Please 'rate' my answer (see below). Thanks, Roland


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