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I recently found a Trend Clock. The info on the back is style no 681, movement no 104, pack no 2711. It does not have the pendelum. The exterior and face appears OK. The inter workings are in tact. Is is worth being repaired?


Inez, I cannot decide for you or advise on whether it is worth repairing or not. Understand that you have to have someone give you prices on the cost of a pendulum and getting it running if necessary. Then you decide whether it is worth that to have a running clock. When you inquire about the movement you will have to reference the information on the back of the movement, not on the case. The movement no. 104 is the Trend number and there is very little cross reference information available on most modern production clocks. Good luck and you could have a nice clock there.


I have a trend grandfather clock. It stopped working because someone pulled the weights all the way up and they will not come down. Can you tell me if there is a release spring so I can lower the weights.

Thank you,

William Carlisle


This is a difficult fix. The click spring that keeps the weights from falling down is on the gear that the chain goes over in inside the clock movement. You can't simply flip the spring and lower the weights. If you can get the clock to run, the weights will come down. If it will not run you should get a qualified clock repair person to fix it for you.


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