Trend clock style 868wm-37

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Last Updated: Mar 11, 2014 07:40 PM GMT


Hello, we were just given a trend floor clock as a gift with the style number shown movement 109A. We have the instruction manual to adjust it and get it to work. It also has the moon dial. We would like to get it working again and wonder if we should try it ourselves with the manual or would we be better off taking it to a clock repair shop that specializes in grandfather clocks. Thank you.


If you wish a professional to set up your clock it should be done in your home and in the position you wish it to be. However, as a general response to your question and if the clock is in good running order, I would suggest you set the clock up yourself, using the manual provided as your guideline. If problems arise that you cannot resolve, then, call a qualified clock repair person. Actually it does little good to have a clock adjusted in a foreign setting then expect it to function properly in an entirely different environment. I hope this helps you.


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