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I am really interested in buying a grandfather's clock at a local consignment shop but know nothing about grandfather's clocks! The folks at the shop don't really know much and of course sell everything "as is". We could not figure out if the clock even works. What are some things I should look for? All we could see on the clock was the word "Trend" and "Western Germany". It is really beautiful and looks to be in nearly perfect condition, but just not sure if it is worth the risk (they are asking ~$400). Also, could you tell me what additional costs we will have going forward (let's say it actually does work), e.g. calibration, etc.?? Thanks so much for any advice/help you can give!


could be 500-600 dollars for a whole new mechanism or no cost because it works fine. Trend lable mad by Sligh Furniture Company over 20 years ago -probably needs work --can you buy a new Grandfather clock as nice for $1000? probably not-

It ought to at least chime the quarters and the hour when you move the minute hand around clockwise--I assume this is set up with the weights on it on the display floor?

Offer $250 if you really like it --the case is the most valuable part of the clock

can you take a photo and attach it here?


I have been the only one caring for my Trend Grandfather Clock for over 20 years. But, today I did a really dumb thing...I pulled on the center weight (believing that I wound it up to far) and pulled it off. I damaged both end covers of the brass shell and broke the hook off. The weight hung by cords. Can this be replaced? I know that Trend was taken over by Sligh and they no longer make these clocks, maybe I am wrong. But, I badly need to replace this center weight or possible find the ends. The weight is 10 inches long and about 2-3/8 diameter. Thanks for any help.


Hi Maureen, You can keep the inside weight and just buy new shells and/or caps. They come in brushed or polished finish. You can get them from Call their number on Monday. If they won't sell them to you I can order for you.


My uncle recently went into nursing home and he gave me this clock. I can't seem to find any info out on google and wondered if anyone could tell me how old it is and what its value is as well ? Style#0921-1-CL movement# 225-A03 packing# 173-41-821 says was made in michigan and it is definetly a Trend says so on face . Thanks to anyone who can help me out here .


Here is a answer I found on this website answered by Tom Anderson in 2007.

Trend clock company was purchased by the Sligh Furniture company in 1968. Sligh furniture has been around since 1880. For a long time until the 1980's the clocks dials read 'Trend by Sligh'. At one point they dropped the Trend name all together and became Sligh Clocks. In 2005, Sligh quit producing clocks altogether. Read this link for some interesting info. The difference between Grandfather and Grandmother clocks is subjective. Originally it was said that Grandmother clocks would be under 5 feet in height. In the last 40 years the idea has changed to: if it has a pinched or narrow waisted case; it's chain driven not cable driven; small in stature, but not necessarily under 5 feet in height; What it is, is a floor clock. The phrase 'Grandfather clock' came from a late 19th century song "My Grandfathers Clock". The song can be found at the previous link. Enjoy your new clock for many years. Remember to have it oiled and serviced every several years to keep it in good working order. Thanks for the question. Cordially Yours, Tom.


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