Trouble number p0301

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Hi Roland, My check engine lite came on and I got a P301 code on the odometer. Can you tell me what it is. i have a 2005 Sebring Conv. with the 2.7 V6. Is it the O2 sensor? Thanks Jerry


Hi Jerry, That code means there is a "miss" at cylinder #1 because the rpm momentarily decreases during at least 2% of the firings over a short period of time. Unfortunately there are about a dozen possible reasons for that so trying to throw parts at the problem is not wise. You can either keep waiting for another code which would be specific or you can think about any coincident events/maintenance that was done which might be involved with the problem. But I hesitant to recommend that you do anything specific at this point if the engine otherwise seems to be functioning except to check the wires to the spark coil of that cylinder's spark plug, or possibly the injector is malfundtioning/clogging at that cylinder. If you have a compression gauge you could measure the compression at cyl 1 and compare to others. Please 'rate' by answer (see below). Thanks, Roland


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