Two levels of password

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I am wondering if I could have two levels of password. One for a total access and one for limited access, say just to input data into some cells only without seeing and access the formula of some cells.


Just select the cells for which you want to protect and do right click>>Format Cells>>Protection>>Tick Both Locked & Hidden Check boxes and give ok. By clicking locked will make the cell not accessible and by giving Hidden the Formula¡¯s which you have used cannot be viewed.

Unlock all the cells which ever you want the people to have access as mentioned below:

Select the Columns Or Cells that needs to have the Editing option and do right click>>Format Cells>>Protection>>Uncheck Both the Locked & Hidden Check boxes and give ok.

Now Protect the worksheet with a password

Tools>>Protection>>Protect Sheet> Provide the password Twice and give ok


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