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I have 7 columns and 6 rows and I want to sort by using column C. in Excel 2003, I would just highlight all columns and rows, and choose Data, Sort, enter BY COLUMN C and Ascending, and it was done. I cannot figure out how to do it in Excel 2007. I want it sorted by column c, but I want the data in columns a, b, d, e, etc. to move with column c. Example: A is Invoice No. B is Amount Paid C is Name of File D is client id ETC So I want to sort by name of file, but I want the invoice no, and the amount paid, and the client id to sort along with the file name


Assume that your data start from A1 cell and ends with E500. Place the cursor in A1 cell and extend your selection upto E500. Then apply the sorting or press Alt+D+S. Now the sort dialog box will appear in that window top right corner there is a check box will be available "My Data Has Headers" If you tick that check box then in the "sort by" field you will get the Column headers in the drop down. If that check box is unchecked then the "Sort by" will show the Column names in the drop down. So based on your requirement Check or Uncheck the "My Data Has Headers" option and apply the sort which will take the corresponding data to move alongwith the sorted data.

Hope it's clear to you!


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