Using fill from worksheet for doughnut chart colours

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QUESTION: I have a worksheet with several categories all assigned a different colour (there are 10 of them by the way so I can't just use the 8 basic colours). Within each category are several rows each containing details (of incidents). I need to show in a dougnut table the split of how many of each type of incident took place. But what I need is for the doughnut chart colours to be the same as the colours I've assigned to the categories. I have extremely limited VBA experience but did try to use a macro on the chart but to be honest, I don't know what I'm doing. I specified RGB colours on it. It just seems so daft that this is so hard to do and I just don't know how to do it!! Arrrgh! I can't seem to find anyone to help and have tried numerous boards and forums to no result.

ANSWER: Why are you looking for a macro way, you can assign the colours to the doughnut parts by hand, can't you?

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QUESTION: I'm not specifically looking for a macro. I'm looking for ANY automated way that will pick up the colours I've used as Fill, and apply them automatically to each segment of the doughnut. why can't I just do this manually - every month, 10 categories, 5 doughnut charts - haven't got time!!! That's why I'm trying to find out if naming a range of cells and somehow getting the chart to take the colours from there, wouldn't be a whole lot quicker.

ANSWER: You'll definitely need a macro for this.

But once you've setup the charts for the first month, isn't it a matter of replacing the data for the next month, no colour changes needed, to be done with the next month?

I'll need some time to cook up a macro I'm afraid.

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QUESTION: Every time the data changes, I have to re-do the chart - and it once again applies it's own colours. What's even more unhelpful, is that on each worksheet, it applies different colours every time as well so it's a major pain. Would it help if I sent the spreadsheet to you?????


I don't understand why you would have to re-do the chart every time.

Sure, you can send it. See the bottom of each page of my website for my email address. Could you please add a description of how exactly you update a chart for a new month?


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