Venting a furnace

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I am just renting a house and noticed that the return air is coming from the crawl space. The land load is telling me that the furnace was installed 5 years ago and at that time the code stated it was okay to pull air from the crawl space. I disagree. the company that did the work was over and agreed that is was not to code. Can you tell me if the code has changed in the last 6 years. Wayne


Your heating guy is right, it's not to code. It hasn't been for many years to my knowledge. Certainly more than 5 years. BTW, I hold an HVAC Contractor's license as well as Electrical, Plumbing and General contractor. The detail answer depends on what code and version was being enforced in your area at the time. Check with the local building department and ask them and request the permits for any work at your address. They should be public record.


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