Venting of water heater

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Replacing a gas water heater that has a duct mounted power vent. I would like to get rid of the power vent but if required, I will purchase a power-vented water heater. Heater is in corner of 2500 sq.ft. basement with two garage door on one end. Heater is in corner about 18-in off floor. Vent come off top about 12in and then run horizontally about 18-24in thru a powered vent and out thru the basement wall. Can you tell me whether I can eliminate the powered vent with this short distance.


Water heater venting is an important issue. If done incorrectly it can be very dangerous, both for carbon monoxide and fire issues. Always follow the manufacture's installation instructions.

The powered venting system is designed to compensate for lack of enough vertical piping in the system to create a sufficient draft from the rising hot air.

Only a water heater designed to work with a power venting system may be used with a powered vent. And, if the water heater was designed to work with a power vent, it must be installed with one. You cannot "mix and match" for convenience. Unless it is designed to be directly vented through a sidewall, the vent is supposed to extend to above the roof line. It sounds like a direct vent would work in your application. It draws it's combustion air from the exterior with a co-axial vent pipe and does not need to be run up above the roof.

So.....three choices; 1. Another power vented system. 2. Run more type "B" double wall vent up the exterior to above the roof and use a conventional draft heater. or 3. Install a direct vent water heater.


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