Verichon quartz wall clock help

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I was given a Verichon wall clock by my grandparents. When it started making a grinding sound I took it off the wall and opened the clock up to find out what was making the sound. When I pulled off the electric motor (I assume this was for winding the clock). When I did this the clock unwound very fast and a small plastic part came flying off. I believe it is used to stop the winding process as it is the only spot I could find to put the plastic part back on. I am not sure it I put this part back on the clock correctly. It will no longer tick when the pendulum swings and no longer keeps time. I would greatly appreciate any help or advice you could give me. I do have pictures of the movement if you would like me to send them to you. Thank you for your time.


The older battery movements had a small mainspring that supplied power. The best thing to do is to just replace this movement with another quartz movement. They are pretty easy to replace. You can find them on line. The hand shaft length is important to keep in mind. If it's too short it will not go through the dial. If it's too long it will hit any glass that covers the dial. I would order new hands for the movement. Measure the minute hand and order hands that are the same length.



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