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You recently helped me with advise on a mechanical mantle clock, which didn't work and I returned. In it's place, I bought a really nice condition Viking Grandfather Clock for $200, which seems to be running fine. I am in the process of daily adjusting to get the time set correctly. I have found answers to many questions by reading other's entries here. I do have some questions I didn't find answers for though.

These are the markings on the movement, and I know all their meanings - "85, Made for Viking Clock Company by Hermle Black Forest Clock, 451-050H, 94 cm, 66".


I know the weight on the right is the heaviest. Do the other two lighter weights each weigh the same?

What do each of the three weights control.

The chimes begin about thirty seconds late at each of the four times. Can that be adjusted? Maybe removing and re-setting the minute hand? How do you remove the minute hand?

There are two sets of chime/gong rods which appear to be mounted on one block. The chime rods on the right, and the gong rods on the left. The chime rods appear to measure from front to rear 19", 16 1/2", 15 1/2" and the fourth, shortest chime rod is missing. Any idea on a length to replace it? The gong rods appear to measure from front to rear 19", 16 1/2", 14 3/4" and 13 1/2". They are black metal with a little rust on them. Should I just replace the whole block with all new chime/gong rods?

A couple of the hammers don't strike the rods. One of the brass colored metal rods which the hammer is attached to is obviously bent. Can I just carefully bend that back to strike properly? Is there an adjustment for the hammer strikes?

Thank you again for your help!


made in 1985 Hermle part #451-050h pendulum length in cm from top hanger to rating nut on the disk = 94cm ticks 66 times a minute to keep accurate time yes right is quarter chime power-left is strike power- center is time power nut holding minute hand unscrews and the hand is removed and the center of the hand

   is adjusted               
     with a pair of pliers slightly till it points right when put back on.

you can replace one rod but it is challenging to get the right one and get it tuned right the whole set:

soak the top brass threads in penetrating oil overnight and use a BIG screwdriver.

bend the hammer wires so the heads are at 1/8" from each of the rods when at rest


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