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I am working on a work book for school and was told by my instructor that i could use the VLOOKUP and the DLOOKUP function to find out who worked on a particular project, how long they took on that project and add how much they should get payed for that project i was also told that it should look like this VLOOKUP(____,____[DLOOKUP(_____,______,______)],_____) can you pleas fill in the blanks for me hope that you understand my question and i would really appreciate the help thanks again


First of all what I would suggest is have a clear picture of the function which you are trying to use. What the function will do? and definitely if you know the usage of the function then i am sure you will pick the correct function on your own.

So I am giving you a small example file and some of the links to know more about what is Vlookup and how it works.

I have created a sample file for you to know how to use Vlookup. Click or Copy and paste the below link in web browser to download the Example file.


Scroll the mouse button to the bottom of the website and click Download

The File Name is: Vlookup Function With Diagram.xls

Have a look in the below links to have better understanding about how to use vlookup.






I am sure that if you read all the above links and the example file then now you are having the answer in your hand whether Vlookup will do the trick or not.


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