Wadsworth pilot watch case

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I have a small pocket watch. Gold case. The inside is engraved Wadsworth Pilot Warranted 25 years" The number on the case is 1152030. The movement is Waltham and has the following information: "A.W.W.Co Waltham 15 Jewels" and the number 14301879. The watch case is also engraved "From JRC to FIH." It was given by my paternal grandfather to his future wife. They were married in 1909 and I assume that it may have been given as an engagement gift because it has my maternal grandmother's maiden initials.

Can you provide me with any additional information?



This watch was made in 1905.

Anytime we see "warranted xx years", we know the case is gold filled.

For a wonderful read about the history of the Waltham Watch Co., use this url:


A 15 jewel movement is a good quality watch and can still keep time well enough to be used daily.

I would encourage you to write down a complete history of your grandparents and other owners and keep it with the the watch. It will add to the sentimental value when you pass it down to the next generation.


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