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Movement 171-041

QUESTION: I have a W. German-made Emperor wall clock. The numbers on the current movement are 141-071 w/32cm. When I researched a new movement on the Clockworks website http://www.clockworks.com/hermle/140.html#thumb the photo for this movement has what looks like a bell chime attached to it and a two-arm striker with two screws at the base. The movement I have looks exactly like the photo shown above it Movement # 141-041 (no bell). The casing for the clock has the spiral chime movement. Could you explain the difference? Why does the 141-071 movement I have look different than the movement at the website? If I buy as replacement movement, considering the casing, which movement do you think is the proper one?

ANSWER: Gary, these numbers can be confusing, even to clockmakers. The 141 is basically the plate size. The -071 is broken down into three digits. The 0 is the location of the winding arbors, the 7 is hammer position and the 1 is the length of the handshaft and winding arbors. The 32cm is the "theoretical" pendulum length. It could be that the bells were removed from your -071 you have to be used as a gong strike. Is it possible for you to send me a digital photo of the back of your movement? My shop email address is below. I can confirm what you need and I can give you some further details and probably get you the exact replacement model movement.

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QUESTION: Attached is a pic of movement 141-071 (w/o bell). Hope it is clear enough. Is it possible either movement will work, considering the spiral gong in clock casing? It seems other specs are the same.


The photo on the Allexperts Website when blown up isn't quite clear enough for me to see some numbers or the possibility that bells had been removed. It looks like either movement might work. Can you email at the address above for some more details?


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