Waltman watch

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Hello, my father gave his watch which has the name waltman and a big W above the name. Looking inside it is a quartz mouvement made by miyota Co. from japan. Is it possible or genuine waltman? Worth ? thanks


Allan, if you will read my personal information on the Allexperts sign on, you will see that I am not in the area of watches. And I do not give values. However, I can say that you might be confusing the name Waltman with Waltham. Waltham did make watches and clocks. Some domestic and foreign companies use the old classic names of clock and watch companies from the turn of the century by agreement to use the name or just by taking it. Others will use a name that is spelled similarly or sounds like a popular name to deceive unsuspecting customers. None of the turn of the century clock and many watch companies are in business any more, at least under the original organization. Waltham stopped manufacturing watches in 1957 and the production was moved to Switzerland where a company had been organized a few years before for this purpose. However, the Waltham Precision Instruments Company specialized in clocks and chronographs for use in aircraft control panels. The company was sold in 1994 and is now located in Ozark, Alabama. I know and have visited the owner who also runs a small clock repair shop in the same facility.


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