Water cooled a/c unit in industrial cabinets.

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Water Connections

Is there anything in the electrical code about were a water supply to the water coil for an a/c unit in an industrial cabined can enter the cabinet. I have an installation were the connections are on top of the cabinet which looks dangerous. There is a large opening 3"x 4" and no seals around the pipes.


This appears to be a "factory" designed penetration. Unless it is placed where condensation will drip directly on the electrical components or it is exposed to the weather (direct rainfall that could enter the enclosure), I don't see a problem.

The ultimate arbiter of this would be the local code authority and the manufacturer's installation guide. The latter being the "senior". The AHJ (authority having jurisdiction) will always defer to the manufacturer's recommendations as they are ultimately responsible for the safety of their own equipment.


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