Waterbury clock

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I have a waterbury clock manufactured for Niles Eight Day Spring Strike and would like to get it repaired. I am not sure where to take it. It is very old and would like to get it restored. Looks like it has all the parts.


Julie, it really depends on where you live. Generally, clock owners in large cities have more options and can choose a reputable repair shop. On the other hands many small towns only have a couple of options or none at all. If you have some repair people in mind I suggest using one that is a member of the National Watch and Clock Collectors Association. This alone does not assure a qualified repair person. You can ask for references from people who have used the repair services in the past. Check the history of the shop; Have they been doing business in the same area for a long time? How long is the wait for completing the repair? Too short means they don't have much repair work. This could be a red flag. You can usually expect to wait one to two months for a rebuild to be done. I hope this information helps.

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