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W. Haid 340-020

I just purchased a W. Haid 340-020 clock. I know pretty much no more than that. I feel I got a steal on it for a whopping $5. What I am asking is a little more information on the clock and how to properly maintain it. Can you help?


The case appears to be in nice condition so, yes, you got a steal. Now the down side. You didn't say if the clock was in running condition but I can tell you from experience, most people don't sell a mechanical clock unless it has problems, they may have gotten an estimate and just didn't want to put the $$ into it. This movement normally needs to be properly cleaned & overhauled every 10-12 years. Look in the back at the lower right corner of the movement. There will be a 2-digit number at the top of other info stamped there. That is the year of manufacture. If it is anything from 70 to 79, my best advise if it's not running right now is to replace the movement, it would be cheaper than an overhaul. You can order a replacement from Merritt's here- http://www.merritts.com/store4/public/product.aspx?ProductID=80991&SubcategoryID=2015 The upside? With a new Hermle movement, you'll have a clock with a comparable replacement value of @ $400-$500.


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