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Hi, I was trying to find out about a clock that I came across. it's an ethan allen mantle clock & it says skp no(0) jewels japan quartz. I would appreciate any help at all. Thanks very much, sherri.


Sherri, there is very little available information on quartz clocks. There are hundreds of thousands manufactured every year, mostly with a short production run. Then the style and inner workings change. The only part I can tell you about is that a long time ago when there were tariffs on jewels being imported to some countries, they had to be declared. Many clocks and watches use jewels for bushings. To save import duties, clocks would be identified as having no (0)jewels. Actually the jewels used in clocks today are synthetic, man-made and have very little value as compared to real jewels. As far as your clock goes, it is probably one that was produced for Ethan Allen for their accessory line.


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