What is wrong with jones??????

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Dear Joyce,

          I don't know what is wrong with jones!!! in like,,, 3 days he looks like he is sick!!! I noticed he's nose is dry. & he is not moving allot. He is breathing as if he has asthma.& before all of this happened,, my dad made him sleep outside [he is an inside dog] & I think he is sick. Can you please help me???
                                 -Zoey M

P.S,,,A couple days ago he was digging in my garbage can, and I am afraid he ait the popcorn at the bottom.


A dog who is breathing hard and not moving sounds sick enough to be seen by a veterinarian. Your description of his signs are very non-specific and could be indicators of many, many things.I recommend you ask your parents to take him to a veterinarian as soon as possible.

Dr. G.


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