Where can i get a movement or get a repair

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Cuckoo Clock Mfg, Inc 75 NO(0)Jewles made in Wesy Germany unadjusted 341-020 37cm 112.5 This is the info on the plate


Dave, the movement you have was manufactured by Hermle. That model is still very much in production. It depends on the area in which you live as to getting the clock repaired. Contact me at my shop email address below and let me know and I'll see if there are any of my Internet Clocksmith Group members that might be near you. If not there are movements available. There is a possibility that I might have on in stock, but I am away from my shop for a few days. You can purchase these through Timesavers, Merritts Antiques or other suppliers you can find by Googing (or similar search engines) clock suppliers.


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