Wife's mantle clock will not chime/play tune

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Good Morning. My wife just got a Ridgeway wind-up mantle clock. It keeps time(loses a little time - but I know how to adjust that) but it will not chime/play tunes. On the hour there is a audible click to set it in motion but nothing happens. It is labled as a Model 517, Dial M2, Serial 3/29/82, moon phase clock(there is however not any moon phase settings/eqp on the clock/face). On the back of the brass(?) lower right mechanical section is the following information: Franz Hermle, Two(2) Jewels, UNADJUSTED, Made in West Germany, 1050-020. On the face there is a lever to choose: silent, Whitt, St Mich and Mich. When trying to wind: left-maxed out-will not turn; center-OK; right-turns(no clicks-pressure against trying to turn)-returns immediately to where started. What can I do to get the left and right mechanisms to start working? Thanks Very Much. David


the click ratchet spring is bent or broken on the right (chime) spring winder. A simple professional repair. Removal of the mechanism from the case and work on the front of the mechanism and perhaps replacement of minor parts is required.

added: the right side fix will make everything work, as the right (quarter chimes) initiates the left (hour strike) to work AFTER the chimes play.


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