Wind up wll clocks

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We recently acquired two wall clocks. One is a 3 Star 31 day clock and the other is a Centurion 35 day. Both ran fine for about ten days or so and then wound down. Both clocks ahve two places to wind. Left hole goes clockwise and right hole couter clockwise. I am assuming that one is for the pendulum and the other for the chime. What is the appropriate number of turnes for these clocks to be properly (and not over) wound?

Thank You!


Bob, the clocks you have are Asian clocks. Generally a clock cannot be overwound unless the key is turned with great force after it becomes tight and something breaks. This will not happen with a clock in good condition under a normal winding. Just wind until you feel an increased tension and stop when it cannot be wound any more. The clocks vary a little on the complete number of turns, so I cannot tell you exactly how many. I have seen the Asian clocks labeled as 30, 31 and 35 day clocks. they are all about the same, which should be wound once a month.


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