Window tempering

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Please let me know national regulations on window tempering. Is it 18" from floor, 3' from shower/tubs, square footage, and any other regulations you are aware of ? I do greatly appreciate your knowledge on this subject.


Okay, here we go. My source will be the 2006 IRC (International Residential Code for one and two family homes)

Section R308 Glazing 308.1 Identification. "each pane of glazing installed in a hazardous location shall be identified with a manufacturer's mark specifying who applied the designation, the type of glass, and the standard with which it complies. such designation shall be visible after final installation.

Hazardous locations defined by 308.4 as; 1. swinging doors, 2. fixed and sliding panels of sliding doors, 3. storm doors, 4. all "unframed" swinging doors, (store front style) 5. doors and enclosures for hot tubs-whirlpools-saunas-steam rooms-bathtubs and showers, in any part of a wall enclosing these compartments where the bottom exposed edge of the glazing is less than 60 inches (1525 mm) measured vertically above any walking or standing area. 6. Glazing in an individual, fixed or operable panel adjacent to a door where the nearest vertical edge is within a 24-inch arc of the door in a closed position and whose bottom edge is less than 60 inches above the floor or walking surface. 7. Glazing in an individual fixed or operable panel, other than those locations described in 5 & 6 above that meets all of the following conditions: 7.1 exposed area of an individual pane larger than 9 sq. ft. 7.2 bottom edge less than 198 inches above the floor. 7.3 top edge more than 36 inches above the floor. 7.4 One or more walking surfaces within 36 inches horizontally of the glazing. 8. all glazing in railings. 9. in walls or fences enclosing indoor and outdoor swimming pools, hot tubs and spas where the bottom edge is less than 60 inches from the walking surface and within 60 inches horizontally of the water's edge. 10. Glazing adjacent to stairways, landings and ramps within 36 inches horizontally of a walking surface when the exposed surface is less than 60 inches above the plane of the adjacent walking surface. 11. Glazing adjacent to stairways within 60 inches horizontally of the bottom tread of a stairway in any direction when the exposed glass is less than 60 above the nose of the tread.

There are various exceptions dealing with size of opening in the door that contain glass. (3 inch sphere test) decorative glass in item 1, 6 or 7. Exceptions when a protective bar is installed.

That should cover the bulk of it.

Best, Dana Multi-pane assemblies having individual panes not exceeding 1 sq. ft. shall have at least one pane marked as above. all other panes need to be marked "16 CFR 1201"


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